To be the first choice supplier of portable test and measurement instruments in Malaysia.

About Us

Established in early 2008, Uni Dex (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd is a growing and a leading supplier of portable test &measurement instrument – utilizing a direct business model – to corporations and enterprise channels. We provide a wide range of selection of instruments to meet our customer’s needs especially on specifications and budget.

Uni Dex is managed professionally to cater portable test & measurement instrument domestically. The measuring instruments that are offered by Uni Dex have been tested and is compliant with the requirements of the ISO 9000 quality standard. We provide and cater complete end to end support and solutions to our clients down to the very last detail, making it easy for our clients to focus on their core businesses.

Our Products

In specializing in Portable Testing and Measuring equipments, Uni Dex prides itself in its ability to find a product to fill just about every need its customers may have. Listed opposite are some of our major categories of products that we are supplying, from those that function as a productivity tool in carrying out day-to-day responsibilities which are viewed as the industrial gadgetry.

This list of categories is by no means exhaustive. As the categorization/subcategorization continues to evolve and expand, so will our offering. If there is something that our clients have in mind that is not listed here, we would gladly invite them to contact our staff directly so that we can explore the possibilities together.




Uni Dex’s mission is to accommodate top quality products and service to our customers at a reasonable price, while emphasizing on proper application and efficiency in delivering our products. Uni Dex will achieve sustainable growth with ethical standards by being responsible to customers, employees and to the communities that we are operating.

Our Principles

While tangible products forms the base from where we start in dealing with our corporate customers, Uni Dex refuses to resign itself to being classified as just another box-pusher, and as such, takes an approach of fulfilling the end-to end requirements by our customers. This may include professional product consultation sessions to deliberate with the customer on the best product to suit a perceived need. In short, our customers should never worry or think about whether the product is the right one to procure.

Our Guiding Principles

“To provide maximum value to our clients in rendering our services, and to treat our client’s business as our own, as this will demand diligence in recommending our solutions. Ultimately, if the client wins, we will too”
“To function beyond the capacity of a vendor customer relationship, by working with the customer as an outsource partner, providing value–added services along the way to ensure a trusting and long lasting relationship”.

Our Objective

To establish a customer- driven alliance that will reduce total procurement, inventory, and distribution costs, while improving service to the ultimate end-user.

Customer Benefits

To stay competitive, business must cut waste, increase productivity , improve quality and keep focused on meeting the changing needs and expectations of their customers. Uni Dex Malaysia can be instrumental in helping you achieve these objectives by improving your quality, cost, delivery and flexibility.

Our Product- Oven Thermometer

Material : Stainless Steel
Temperature range : 50 to 300 deg C in 10 C divisions
Case : 40 x 60 x 70 mm